It Started With a License...

It's statistically proven than licensed pets are much more likely to get home safe if they get lost, avoid the shelter, and cost the taxpayer less. So Pet licensing should be easy, right? When we tried to register Lola back in August 2014, we discovered that the process was anything but straightforward. The quest had begun!

Learning from the Pros

We began at the source, consulting with pet licensing administrators and compliance officers to learn about the challenges they face.

Building and Testing

We set out to build a system that would remove the time and resourcing burdens for administrators and be a joy for pet owners to use.

Launch and Optimize

The Licensing System rolled out to 20 Municipalities and we used real-world customers to optimize and improve all facets of the program.

Increase Compliance

Relentless optimization has resulted in over 200% compliance rate increase in many communities by 2017.

Where we are Today

We have found through testing and optimizing that pet owners love getting rewarded for licensing. It is our goal to make every license and renewal a money-saver for pet owners. That's why we have rewards programs for every municipality we partner with, and now a product store where licensed pet owners get huge discounts on pet safety products. We're just getting started though, so you can expect to see our range of products expand and our prices drop as we bring more responsible pet owners into the program!